Co-Scholastic Programmes

Lifelong learning evolves when a holistic eco-system is nurtured in its true spirit. NPS Marathahalli strives to offer multidimensional array of opportunities to channelize the innate talents of every child beyond the classroom to realize their multiple-intelligences and potential. Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Yoga and Physical Education are additional curricular offerings to all students. There are also many enrichment activities including outbound trips and exchanges with other schools.

Visual and Performing Arts

Arts education, broadly categorized as visual and performing arts includes music, dance, theatre and the myriad forms of creative art, plays a pivotal role in the all-round development of the student. The development of creative ability enhances the neural systems that benefit motor skills, originality and emotional balance.

The Arts teachers mentor the students enabling them to progress in artistic techniques and aesthetic sensibility.

Due importance is given to this discipline as the thinking skills it involves such as experimentation, exploration and imagination becomes the foundation for higher level thinking skills such as synthesis, inquiry and research.

Physical Education

The union of a healthy mind in a healthy body emerges from the well-structured programme which integrates Physical Education in the curriculum. Apart from building the motor skills and coordination, it significantly impacts the development of the brain and therefore the behaviour.

The state-of–the–art infrastructure facilitates a wide range of sports activities such as Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Throw ball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Yoga, Aerobics, Athletics, Chess and Carrom. In addition to the outdoor facilities, NPS Marathahalli also has an indoor sports complex where a number of indoor sports are conducted.

Intra-school, Inter-House and Inter-school competitions raise the bar. Enduring life lessons are learnt in the sporting arena such as discipline, team spirit, peer relationship, patience, cooperation, stress management and leadership qualities.

School Clubs

Students are offered options of participating in various clubs which provide ample scope for identifying talents and honing multiple skills while interacting with their peers and mentors.

The clubs include Environment, Health and Wellness, Cyber, Math, Science, Theatre, Robotics, Chess, Model United Nations and Quiz. The clubs foster activities, debates, awareness campaigns, community service as well as steps to combat environmental and social issues.

Life Skills

It is very important for children to be prepared for an ever-changing future. In today’s world things are changing at a very fast pace. To be able to adapt to new situations, work collaboratively, think out of the box, using failures as learning milestones are the important skills, which the learners imbibe for success. Our life skills programme facilitates and prepares the students for a compassionate and a happy future.

Structured Life skills programme is embedded in our curriculum and integrated into our interdisciplinary learning expeditions and subjects, proactively equipping the students to become empathetic, caring citizens of the 21st Century.